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Reinersue and Dale Myler

Edward Longshanks
Almost all of these bits are designed with the Myler Bitting System Philosophy by different bit manufacturers.  The rest are similar to that (ie. humane). Some are new or used. Western style bits to suit many needs.

What does the bits have to do with the dude on the right?

Information on Myler Bitting System Philosophy,
The Bit You Need,

Bitting Levels,
 Bit Resistance On the Part of Riders,

All the bit mouthpieces are 5-5.5" unless stated.

Combination Bits

Myler Lynn McKenzie Combo bit
Used Myler MB04 3-ring combo SOLD.
Myler Level 1 5.5" MB02 Combo
Used Myler

SOLDShort Shank, Medium Ported Barrel
SOLDPelhum, Low Port Barrel (MB04)

SOLD Myler D-ring, correctional


  SOLD Myler Flat Shank, Billy Allen
Donated to Grey Bruce Farmer's Week- Horse Day Used Myler Eggbutt

New Myler


SOLD New Metalab FG Correctional

New Antique, Low Port Correctional
FG Short Shanked Show bit

You can recycle your old bits like I did.

For more information on bits and bitting, please search for more articles on my website.
Please contact me if you wish more information on a particular bit and it's uses.

Reinersue, Myler Bitting System Philosophy certified
@KISS Reiners