Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bit for Sale - New Myler 2-ring Combo Bit, level 1 Billey Allen mouthpiece (mb02)

SOLD- Myler 2-Ring Combination Bit, Level 1 MB02 Billy Allen mouthpiece 

New or Used:  New
Manufacturer: Myler by Toklat (production version)
Mouthpiece: Myler 5.5" Level 1 MB02, Billy Allen sliding mouthpiece
Shank: 2-ring Combination bit
Level: 1 or MTP/LTR (most tongue pressure, tiny bit of tongue relief)

Total Price: $165Cdn (HST included)
(was $166.95+HST=188.65 new) (+S, H)


  • Myler's Unique Combination bit technology. (info  here.) I really encourage you to read this! You'll be glad you did!
  • "Dispersed pressure for a kinder, softer message. "
  • "Utilizing various pressure points, Combination Bits offer simultaneous interaction of the mouthpiece, curb strap and noseband. When rein pressure is applied or released, the bit automatically disperses or releases pressure to the horse's mouth, chin, nose and poll. Because pressure is dispersed, the bits offer succint and effective, yet very humane communication, allowing the rider to use less pressure than needed with a traditional bit."
  • "The curb strap sits high on the jaw, so to be closer to the rotational point of the second vertebrae or poll. Curb pressure encourages the horse to rotate his nose downward and backward until the pressure is released, hence he relaxes at the poll."
  • "The sliding mouthpiece works lightly in the mouth, applying subtle pressure on the tongue and/or bars, until it hits the "ring stop" when it then applies downward pressure, asking the horse with more of a signal."
  • "The noseband applies downward and backward pressure over points on the nose. In response to the pressure, the horse will drop his nose down and back towards his center."
  • Independent side movement of shank. Great for lateral work.
  • Copper inlay in mouthpiece. Great for salivation. Helps horse to relax.
  • Swivel shank for more guided lateral movement or direct reining.
  • Curved mouthpiece creates a bit of room for horse's tongue as opposed to a bit that goes across the mouth or jointed (nutcracker effect. Nasty). ie. Humane.
  • Can have 1 or 2 rein attachment. The 1st ring acts like snaffle. The 2nd ring like a curb bit.

Uses and Benefits:

  • "The horse is offered a pressure-free reward whenever he is light and relaxed at the poll."~Myler bits.  So it's good for training and riding.
  • Good for many disciplines.
  • Good for all types of horse's personalities. 
  • The 2 rings allow for 1 or 2 rein placement for training or riding.
  • The curb action (with a curb chain) will use leverage and therefore will ask for more attention from the horse.
  • The mouthpiece gives some room for the tongue, will not interfere with horse when there is slack in the reins. Will give a great head set when contact is made on the reins. Also will act as a great emergency brake.

For more information on bits, Myler Bitting System Philosophy, bitting levels, etc, please see the many articles on this website or contact me for help on the uses of this bit.

Please contact me if you're interested in purchasing.

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