Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dearest Abbie

I've got a wonderful story to share with you today.  It's sad but has a happy ending.  If you want to hear a great, heart warming story then grab your tissues and please read on! 

You know that feeling you get when some situation turns out so well and the happiness you feel, feels like it's permeated right through your whole body. Well, that happened to me recently. It's a win-win-win situation. I hope you're smiling right now.

I was so full of joy to finally find a family that would recognize Abbie's worth and see how much of a sweetheart she is and decide to buy her for their 14yr. old daughter's first horse.   Ah! How sweet! It is.  I had a 'glow on' and a big smile on my face for 2 days. Finally, someone who saw her for who she is - an incredible horse. It only took me 3 years.

In an article I wrote last year titled 'Everyone Needs An Abbie', I talked about how "...everyone should have an Abbie. That will be my new saying. Everyone should have an Abbie.  I will really miss her when she's gone."
Abbie is the best babysitter for new students.

She's the classic example of a 'bomb-proof' horse. She's well trained western (a retired reining horse). She's well trained for trail riding (13yrs. on her resume). She's a celebrity (featured on America's horse) and an absolute sweetheart!

The problem I have with liking the resale horses I sell to clients, well, I have trouble selling them.  I usually cry when they go. Note to self: Have to stop buying the ones I like too. Another note: I did sell Abbie last year to someone but I had a better fitting horse for her so she traded.

So, I sold Abbie recently to my 14yr. old student named Sarah. It's the first horse for that family. What a great choice. She will have a very happy home  (In the 2nd photo, Sarah is posing with her 1st horse, Abbie).

Photo Credit: Mike Sloss

The thing is, she's 21 years old. My vet friend Brenda says that if she didn't already know how old she is, she would think Abbie is only 11 or 12. She's in great shape. 

'Why are you selling an old horse for that much money? I would buy her if she were half her age." My reply: "Then she'd be worth triple the money."

"She's way too old for me. I don't want anything more than 13yrs. old."

"I was told to buy a horse between ages 7 and 12."

Photo Credit: Mike Sloss

 It's a happy ending.  I'm so glad that a family recognized the fact that a horse in their 20s still has many good years left.

And yes, I will bawl my eyes out when she's gone.

Putting my spin on saying goodbye
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