No Horses 4Sale

No horses for sale at this time. Please check back later. Thanks.
Also not looking to buy resales at this time either. Thank you.

All horses here at the Foundation Reining Training Centre have had my reinersue horsemanship training ,  reining principles, safety training and have great manners. The BEST combination anywhere! Unique!

Buyer information below.

Retired Champion Reining mares

  1. Boost nutrition with heavy vitamin/mineral supplement. Fatten up (if applicable) with good hay, oil and supplement. Slim down also if too fat. Wormed again.
  2. Fix trailer loading problems so it's effortless to load and unload. (I hate it otherwise.)
  3. Fix separation anxiety so the horse can be alone at anytime for long periods.
  4. Fix stall manners. (Who has time for horses with ill barn manners? :)
  5. Fix pawing in cross ties. (I hate rude horses).
  6. Fix tying problems. ( I hate rude horses).
  7. Fix manners. Proper respect. Proper leading.  (I really don't put up with rudeness :).
  8. Despooking to everything and anything. Bring it on! (Spooky horses aren't fun :(.
  9. Top up western training so the horse has power steering, power brakes. See below.
TRAINING - Professional:
- excellent basic foundation western training on them. (Exceptions will be noted).
- All horses have been through my custom version of Clinton Anderson's fundamentals program.
(round penning, longeing, work under saddle)
- All horses have trail riding and road riding experience with obstacles.
- Reining principles are applied.  Myler Bitting system philosophy.
- Training continues until sold. (No training in the winter.)

- All horses are UTD on shots and worming. Excellent nutrition program.

To Buyers: 
Note: See my facebook page: Foundation Reining Training Centre for up to date photos and training progress. Also my facebook: Reinersue.
I also have ads on Owen Sound kijiji.
1. Is My Horse for YOU? I always talk to you to see what you are looking for to know if I have a horse suitable for you. It saves you a lot of potential wasted time. Please call me or text me when you want to start your research or are ready to buy. 
2. Just doing research? If you want to come and generally do research to see how I train my horses and what my resale horses are like (and my other services), please let me know and we can arrange a mutually convenient time for a tour. Videos of resale horses maybe available here on my website.
3. The 'Good, the 'Bad' and the 'Ugly'
The ugly : there is no ugly or I don't have the horse here to sell!
I'm known as being brutally honest and I deliver the information as kindly as I can. So.. I will tell you the good and bad (maintenance, or issues. they all have them) of every horse.  Good reason to call first.

4. I do not do trades.
      (please see my kijiji ad for me to buy western horses for resale to see the criteria that I am looking for). Please refer to the top of this page for current information on looking to buy resales.
5. Prices are very reasonable and firm. The price includes HST so you know already the total price. Makes it easy.
  • Trailering maybe available depending on weather and distance.

6. Deposits give right of 1st refusal to you.  Due to previous experience, I don't hold horses for people. So you can choose to leave a $500 non-refundable deposit which will give you the right of 1st refusal. So until you pay for the horse in full, if another buyer comes along to buy the horse, I will contact you first. You either come right away to pay the balance or I sell the horse to the next buyer.

Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in viewing any horse.