Meet Reinersue

About 'Reinersue':   
My dream: NRHA LNP Derby Championship
on a horse I trained

  • Owner/Operator of Foundation Reining Training Centre
  • Retired Certified professional horse trainer,
  • NCCP coaching theory certified,
  • NRHA/ORHA scribe
  • Consultant
  • Freelance Writer
  • Clinician
  • Feature columnist for,                       
  • long time past competitor,
  • Myler Bit Ride Team,
  • ACTHA judge
  • Dale Myler  (of Myler bits) and Reinersue adjusting a bit
  • clinician                                                      
 Retired Trainer

Retired Certified Professional horse trainer.
Always being a big supporter of education,  still Reinersue pursues learning for herself. 

Customer's horse was so relaxed that she rolled over

She specializes in body control foundation reining training. A step-by-step progressive foundation training program based on effective horsemanship and reining techniques.  Please check out past articles on this website.

The horse learns to really like their role in the partnership. So horse problems are minimized.

Reinersue loves to do clinics and workshops.  Covering topics on body control, foundation, reining training, horse behaviour, improving overall performance, bitting and technical knowledge on training equipment.

As a long time past competitor, Reinersue has over 20 years experience successfully showing reining horses (trained by her) with the ORHA, NRHA and Reining Canada. She has won numerous provincial year end championships and awards including the 2007 ORHA LNP Sired Stakes Derby Champion.
She received national recognition with the 2003 Reining Canada Novice Horse Non-Pro Top 10 and 2006 Reining Canada Limited Non-Pro Top 10.

The 2008 International Plowing Match featured Reinersue as a guest exhibitor; demonstrating reining maneuvers and answering questions from the crowd.

Writing is another passion for Reinersue. She shares her knowledge and

passion with training and teaching on this website with over 350 articles so far. And she's a featured columnist for magazine. 2017 is her 9th year.

For more information on Susan's coaching and other services, please contact her at
Reinersue at her booth