Friday, September 5, 2014

Everyone Needs an Abbie

It's pitch black outside and a nasty thunderstorm has sauntered in our vicinity. It's a serious one and the 2nd of the day. Strange for September. We've had a lot of thunderstorms this year. I think.
Abbie on left.

My older dog has found me and is curled beside me. My dogs seem to not like the thunderstorms once they reach 6 years of age. I wonder why that is?

K-R-A-C-K!  I just jumped. A big crack of thunder just discharged overhead. We've had crazy weather everyone is saying.

I've been working hard of late showing my sale horses to customers. I learn a lot from the experience. People are fascinating especially horse people.  I'm waiting patiently for customers to come and pick up their new horse. I hope this bad storm passes over quickly. So I wait and think.

I was wondering. I thought for sure my older reining bred mare would sell 1st. Hum. Nope.

But a smart lady did buy her today. I was saying to my new assistant, Janet, that everyone should have an Abbie. That will be my new saying. "Everyone should have an Abbie."  I will really miss her when she's gone.

Abbie, or Ms. Prime Pine is a reining bred mare by Pines Nifty Man. The breeder is Don Pletch. She was trained and shown locally here in Ontario in her youth in reining.  So you knows she's well trained. This lady has an education. She has a career.

Or did have a career. Then another gentlemen bought here at 6 yrs. old and gave her a career trail riding for 13yrs. She was his personal horse. His favorite.

I should've asked him why he sold her to me. I think I remember now. He was getting out of horses.  I think it was because she was old. This mare is in such good shape for her age. She'll have many more good riding years in her yet.

Of course, I knew all about her even though I didn't know her personally till I brought her home. Just one look at her registration papers. I knew. And now she will be leaving again.

It's always sad when the good ones go.  I hate to hold onto them. I don't get many like her. What a sweetheart.  I know she is going to a good home. And I have the right to buy her back when the new owner doesn't want her any more.  Good. I feel better.

I sell many horses every year and most of them I'm not interested in getting back. But the specials ones are different.  You know tears will be flowing here. I guess the sky is doing the same thing.  I know. It's corny.

We, as horse people, thankfully count ourselves lucky to have horses in our life - especially the good ones.

"Everyone Needs an Abbie".

Putting on spin on the special horses in our life.
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