Thursday, August 28, 2014

SOLD: 10yr. old quiet, all around bay quarter horse gelding

Offering a good looking  bay gelding for resale.

'Chance' is very sweet mannered. Very willing to please.  
Very cooperative.
Great groundwork. Flexing laterally right. Learns easy.
Very willing to please.
Thanks to Wendy and Jessie for purchasing this sweet horse.

General Info:
Breed: Quarter Horse . Unregistered.
Temperament: Absolute sweet heart! Loves attention!
Age: 10 yrs. Height: 14.3H

Price: $1,200 (HST included)

STANDARD FEATURES - All horses have:
- great temperaments. (I won't sell or have a bad minded horse. :)
- Most horses are registered. None of the horses are rescues.
-  excellent ground manners.  (I'm VERY thorough about that. One of my specialities :)
- extensive groundwork.
   (I'm very thorough about that too. Reinersue horsemanship. Clinton Anderson :)
- excellent handling. One customer noted how happy my horses are.
  (I don't put up with shoddy handling on the ground of any kind. :)

- All horses have good to excellent trailer loading skills.
    (I don't put with long loading wait times either. :)
TRAINING - Professional:
- excellent basic foundation training on them. (Exceptions will be noted).
- All horses have been through my custom version of Clinton Anderson's fundamentals program.
(round penning, longeing, work under saddle)
- All horses have trail riding and road riding experience with obstacles.
- Reining principles are applied. Myler bitting system philosophy.
- Training continues until sold.
- All horses are UTD on shots and worming. Excellent nutrition program.

SPECIAL FEATURES - This horse has:
- Will make a great all around horse.
-  just started horse for general riding, trail riding, competition
- Chance has 2 months of handling so far.
- Chance is on a low port snaffle bit.
- I've trail ridden Chance many times now.
- He will WTL.
- He has the basics in neck reining. Is starting to move off my leg in side passing.

About Susan: Training in reinersue horsemanship (effective Clinton Anderson methods) groundwork, colt starting, tune ups, body control foundation, cattle work and reining.

Owner/Operator: Susan Dahl, Certified professional horse trainer, NCCP coaching theory certified instructor, writer, feature columnist, clinician, competitor & published author. Certified Toklat Myler Bitting System clinician.ACTHA judge.

For information please email me or call 519-369-4631.

You'll love the quality and training of my resale horses!

thanks for your time. Susan

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