Monday, January 13, 2014

Bit for Sale - Used Myler D-ring, Correctional Ported Barrel (MB41BP)

Myler D-ring with hooks, Low Port Correctional Barrel

New or Used:  Used
Manufacturer: Myler by Toklat (production version)
Mouthpiece: Correctional Barrel (MB41BP)
Shank: Myler D-ring with hooks
Level: 2-3 or LTP (little tongue pressure, good tongue relief) 

Total Price: $115Cdn (HST included)
(was $125+HST=141.25 new)  (shipping and handling will be based on your location)


  • Independent side movement of D-ring shank. Great for lateral work.
  • Copper inlay in mouthpiece. Great for salivation. Helps horse to stay calm.
  • Swivel shank for more guided lateral movement or direct reining.
  • Curved mouthpiece creates more room for horse's tongue as opposed to a bit that goes across the mouth or jointed (nutcracker effect. Nasty). ie. Humane.
  • Ported mouthpieces give more room for the horse to lift the bit and swallow so it's more humane to have a port instead of a flat/mullen or jointed mouthpiece.
  • Hooks create a fixed position for headstall and reins. Will have some leverage action and use the Independent Side movement. ie. life shoulders, lateral movement. Good stuff.
  • Mouthpieces are 7/16" thick. New larger thickness available as preferred by English riders.
  • Most mouthpieces are sweet iron. ie. tastes good to the horse. No stainless steel or others that create dry mouth.
 Some Uses and Benefits:

 Hooks or a fix rein position gives leverage over no hooks.
  • I love this mouthpiece!
  • D-ring - a traditional shank for english & western riders. 
  • The short shank allows the rider to soften their hands (not needing to pull so hard like in a bit with no shanks like eggbutt or loose ring).
  • Allows a rider to put the rein on the D-ring for a traditional feel before transitioning to the fixed rein.
  • The curb action (with a curb chain) will use leverage and therefore will ask for more attention from the horse.
  • The mouthpiece gives great room for the tongue. It will not interfere with horse when there is slack in the reins. Makes a great emergency brake!!

For more information on bits, Myler Bitting System Philosophy, bitting levels, etc, please see the many articles on this website or contact me for help on the uses of this bit.

Please contact me if you're interested in purchasing.
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