Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recycle Old Bit Technology

 I've been doing a big clean up in my house. You know those 'just in case' items - just in case you need 6 dojiggers or what-you-call-it items, after all.... YOU NEVER KNOW..... right?
 I'm in a 'minimalist' mode. I've been getting rid of everything that I don't need - no more holding onto items that I just don't use.  It makes it easy to keep my house clean.  I'm not keeping 3,4, 5, 6 of something. What for?

 When I first moved into my place 2.5 yrs ago, there were tasks that I said I would 'do later'.  Well... later is now.  I keep saying 'later is now' as I refreshed everything. I did a bit of remodelling.  I also replaced every light fixture in the house. Just to update everything.
 What a lift!  Have you tried it?  It's great.

 As for the photo.... I was throwing out for scrap metal, the bits that I no longer use.  With the Myler Bitting System philosophy, I've not used a single jointed mouthpiece in years!  The bits were just sitting there, taking up room.

 You can see that I found a great useful purpose for this bit! You would think I made it especially for the redecorating I did in my bathroom. It fits the toilet paper holder beautifully!

 Putting my spin on remodelling - 1 bit at a time!
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