Sunday, January 16, 2011

Exclusive & Unique in Ontario - You're Not Going To Get It Anywhere Else!

Combining: Reinersue (Effective) Horsemanship +
Body Control Foundation  + Reining
= Exclusive and Unique in Ontario!  
There is no other trainer/coach/clinician/writer... like me in Ontario.  This is my unique program. And I'm proud of how I can help horse and rider reach their horsemanship passion and be happy together!

Let me explain through this interesting story:

I was talking to a student the other night who started reading Clinton Anderson's book and she, after browsing through the whole book decided to start on page 137. That was because she thought she was good to start after the groundwork part and start at the riding section. And not because of what you are thinking....

She thought she didn't need to because she thought her retired champion reining horse would already know all about the horsemanship part about groundwork etc...

She was quite shocked  when I told her that her champion reining horse doesn't know anything about the groundword horsemanship stuff - rather far from it. (I didn't train the horse, btw.) It took her a long time to imagine this. She, not knowing any different, thought ALL finished trained horses went through the effective horsemanship groundwork etc. program before riding to become a finished horse.

I said: "no. no. no."  This is my program.  I combine reinersue horsemanship + body control foundation + reining together to make a finished horse." Stacey Westfall does this in Ohio and Clinton in Texas.  (If you want to know how it all came to be, you can start with the article Welcome To My Website and the Groundwork article and then Body Control Foundation.  These are all found under the WELCOME section of my website.)

Her next thought was: "Why not?" She couldn't imagine a horse not starting with effective horsemanship and groundwork training etc to get a great start.  She wondered how a horse could be trained without it.  Or what kind of a start could they get.

After I explained what it was like to 'break' a horse and train a horse in the 'good ole days', she understood. I also mentioned to her that horsepeople who have been in the horse world a while will know that most horses don't have this unique training. A lot of horses still don't have this foundation knowledge. Reining horses, of course, will have the reining training.

What she and I realized was that some of my other students and customers may not know just how unique my program is since they are either new to horses, just getting back into horses or think my program isn't unique.  I am SO really unique in Ontario (and beyond) that I thought I had better explain that and indicate that on my website.

So when a horse comes in for training, a tune up, to be started under saddle... anything... the horse gets the whole package:  effective reinersue horsemanship, groundwork, body control foundation and reining (or parts thereof).

So here it is.  I have changed my banner to reflect this.

Putting my spin on my unique program!
@KISS Reiners

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