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Welcome to the Foundation Reining Training Centre with your host Susan Dahl,
- a trainer, coach, published author, clinician, writer and competitor.

Hello. I've been a reining trainer and exhibitor for over 2 decades. 2012 will be my 20th year! To give you an idea of how long I've been in reining, my NRHA (National Reining Horse Association) number is 834! I know that NRHA's membership numbers are well over 70,000!
2008, Jan. 6th to be exact, I gave up my non-pro card and became a professional trainer again.
2008 has been an exciting year for me with lots of horses in for training. I was also priviledged to give reining demos at the 2008 International Plowing Match in Teeswater, Ontario.
Reining is such an exciting sport! See and Reining Canada for more information.
And to me.... training all types of horses using body control and reining fundamentals is even more exciting!

Over the years I have worked hard -studying, learning, showing, trial and error, attending clinics, coached by professionals to develop a personal program that works for me. This is a never ending process for which I feel passionate about.

On this website, I will share with you that advice information which I also share with my students: horse and human.
"It's my personal spin on things."
We will explore the big picture about what it is like to be a better horseperson through reinersue (effective) horsemanship using body control, reining techniques and exercises.
Reinersue horsemanship can be applied to any horse, any discipline, any event as it serves to create an excellent foundation for you and your horse.
Both you and your horse will become a better team: better rider and better trained horse which is a blessing.

This is definitely my passion that I want to share with you! Obviously it involves horse and human psychology, horse and human philosophy and horse and human behaviour.
I hope you enjoy and share your thoughts and experiences with me and all of us here so we all learn together!
For more information on my very different and innovative, fun approach to training, and bitting, please contact me at
Information package available.

Thumbs up for learning!
'Putting my own personal spin on things!'
Foundation Reining Training Centre
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  1. do you have a horse named genes with attitude ?????

  2. No. No horses here with attitude or named genes.

  3. Update: updated article with new photo and additional comments.
    Hope you enjoy!

  4. Hi Sue ... I'm very glad your dream is coming true for you have worked very hard and the rewards should be plentiful ...

  5. Thanks. I hope so.
    It's not been easy at all.

  6. Hi there Sue, About 18 months ago I began riding again after a 20 year hiatus. It took a while to get my body and brain to adjust! I attended a natural horsemanship clinic and found a whole new world and way of thinking:) I found your site and found links to Clinton Anderson, Larry Trocha, and others and have since, learned so much and have bought a beautiful quarter horse from Manitoba. He's an amazing 3 year steady minded and easy to train. My question for you is, can you help me bring some reining into eastern ontario??!! There does not seem to anything in this area (or maybe I'm not looking in the right spots). Can you help? I would love to see this sport promoted here. I'll never be a superstar but would really enjoy sharing this with others who may fall in love with the idea like I have. What do you think?

  7. Hi Compeau.j,
    There is a lot of reining in eastern Ontario. There is also a ton of reining in Quebec.
    I would give Harvey Stevens a call. He's in Indian River, Ontario.
    You can find his info on the ORHA website: under trainers.

    And welcome to the great sport of reining!


  8. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could help me out? I'm looking for a western/reining barn in the Guelph area. Your link was sent to me by a friend of mine, however your facility is too far from where I live. If know know of any good boarding places please let me know. Thanks for your help!


  9. Hello AT,
    I don't know of a western barn in Guelph as I haven't lived there in quite some years. I used to board in Freelton at Double J Farms when I lived in Guelph.
    Good luck.