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Body Control - A New Name For Foundation Training

A New And Improved Basic Form of Training? Or Just a New Name
Putting basic training on a horse has been around forever. (Though not all horses receive it.) The ability as a rider to be able to move any of the horse's body parts around through cues.

A Rose by any Other Name Would Smell Just as Sweet

Putting A 'handle' on a horse...
.... 'the basics'....

.... basic horse training .....
. training....
and now.... body control.

and now the latest!... Western Performance Horse Development. (Update: July 4/2010)

My Definition of Body Control 
Foundation training is the term used to describe the type of basic training that is put on a horse after the horse has been started under saddle and before the horse is then finished in a speciality.
Body control is a more elaborate and detailed version of this foundation training where the horse is taught to move all their body parts via cues. The training goes into a lot more detail, with a lot more exercises to get a horse really trained in the basics.

Western performance hores development is a term that maybe used for this type of body control foundation training.

According to Bob Avila: "No matter what your training goal, inside or outside the show ring, body control isn't a big thing. It's everything. When you can isolate and control all the individual parts of your horse's body, you have a horse that's really, really broke." --Bob Avila ."

My Training Program Based on Body Control
After training reining horses for 5 years and not progressing like I wanted, I started looking for a way to completely revise my training program. I didn't like some of the parts of my program. I left my coach at that point. I took a step back and went in search for a new coach and program. Since there were no trainers in Ontario that I wanted to go to, I began to search the Internet for other sources of learning.
And I found Bob Avila. I have every Ride With Avila magazine, CD, most DVDs, and book that Bob has ever done. His program has some classical dressage principles and his training program is heavily based on body control or the strong solid foundation of being able to move all the body parts around as you need to.

So I have researched, read, practised and incorporated a lot of Bob's wisdom over the years. My program, since that inital time (12 years as of 2009), has been heavily based on body control.
I strongly encourage you to get Bob Avila's latest body control DVD's. I also recommend the Horse&Rider magazine as they often carry Bob's articles.

Body Control Foundation Reining Training
My foundation training program then.... combines body control exercises and  techniques (body control training ) with an emphasis on reining techniques (exercises to learn basic reining maneuvers).

As you can see, this is my speciality. I have been doing it for so long.

Questions and comments are always welcome.
Putting my spin on Body Control Foundation training or western performance horse development. 
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