Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trigger Gets Collected

Trigger's Progress
These are the steps that I've completed with Trigger so far on his tune up:
  • Groundwork - lateral flexion in a halter & bridle at a standstill

  • Longeing - lateral flexion in the bridle at the walk, jog, trot

  • (I normally would do longeing - lateral flexion in the bridle at the lope & bitting up, but I didn't have a proper place to do that and knew that Trigger was ok to proceed. I will go back at some point and complete these steps.)

  • Mounted - lateral flexion in the bridle at a standstill and then all the gaits

  • Mounted - vertical flexion at a standstill and then all the gaits (collection) (photo of Trigger starting to collect)

  • Mounted - started vertical flexion at the lope

  • Mounted - still going back and doing lots of lateral flexion at the jog & trot & lope, Flexing Drill as Trigger has just started vertical flexion at the lope.

  • Trigger in just 6 rides has progressed in his body control foundation training (generally called Western Performance Horse Development) by doing lateral flexion at all the gaits and vertical flexion up to the point of starting to understand at the lope. He is still not solid on vertical flexion at any of the gates or what we call collection but he is starting to understand.
    Collection is a big part of body control or western performance horse development training.

    The owner of Trigger has decided to give Trigger a break because of his great progress, so stay tuned where I will pick up on this tune up and share my story in future articles.
    I want to thank Cathy for the opportunity to share Trigger's tune up with everyone.

    Questions & comments are always welcome.
    Putting my spin on body control, western performance horse development and collection.
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    Trigger's Next Step

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