Friday, December 26, 2008

Reinersue Horsemanship & Body Control Foundation Reining Training

(photo courtesy RiverBend Designs)
Let's begin by defining Reinersue Horsemanship and Body Control Foundation Reining Training©. The 2 key components in my training program (the 2 key areas I will share and other interesting information).

Reinersue Horsemanship is a term that includes my groundwork program, body control foundation program, and reining program using my approach and philosophy in working with horses that communicates with the horse in a way that the horse can easily understand. It's effective horsemanship with an influence of aussie horsemanship (Clinton Anderson) and other great master trainers like Bob Avila, Larry Trocha and Shawn Flarida.

Natural Horsemanship: A term defined by Pat Parelli.

 Body Control Foundation Reining Training© is my progressive, step-by-step training program to instill basic training (often referred to as 'a handle') on a horse with an emphasis on body control and reining techniques or exercises.

The result is a horse with a very solid foundation where the rider is:

  • able to communicate well with the horse (in a way the horse understands),
  • have a great respectful relationship with the horse based on trust,
  • excellent body control (ie. position the horse's body where needed),
  • the horse enjoys , is willing &is part of the team,
  • and understands &executes reining maneuvers.
I, personally combine the 2 philosophies into a unique program or style of training that works well with rider and horse.

It makes for the best horse to ride. What a thrill and privilege!!

Update: Here's an extended version of an article I wrote for the ORHA Slider on both topics. Here's an article I wrote on Effective Horsemanship vs. Wimpy Horsemanship. For more information on my views of body control, please read this article. Please see side bar or select by category listing.

Let's get started!
Putting my spin on a training program to include effective horsemanship, body control, foundation training, and reining.
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