Monday, January 5, 2009

Trigger Gets A Tune Up

What a better way to talk about foundation reining training and the exercises by using an actual live equine-in-training example....
Trigger is an older gelding recently purchased by one of my students and she has asked me to give Trigger a 'tune up'. Basically Trigger is a western trained horse but like a lot of general riding horses, he lacks a good solid foundation or handle. And what a better way to give him a better handle than using body control foundation training based in reining principlesArticle defining Body Control here.

I will explain in this article, the progressive steps I use to improve Trigger's training. I will follow the lessons/steps as outlined in my book.

Update: I will also intersperse horse philosophy and horse behaviour articles as well.

Wintertime Tune Ups
I also want to mention that the wintertime is a great time to get a tune up on your horse.
Not riding this winter... give your horse a tune up and be ready for spring.
To me.... horses costs too much money to keep over the winter, just to be parked until spring.
I refer to these hourly lessons as Horse Training by The Hour! or Tune up! It's usually a reinforcement or training of body control foundation that was missed.

I hope you find this informative as we follow Trigger along in his tune up.
Next, will be Trigger's evaluation. Article's link here.

Putting my spin on Tune Ups!

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