Thursday, September 24, 2009

Incorporating Effective Horsemanship With Reining

I've been asked to write an article for the ORHA Slider newsletter explaining how I incorporate Effective Horsemanship with Reining.
It's like asking the meaning of life. What a topic! How to explain it.... My 2 favorite topics! :)

I'm happy to provide you, my readers with part of the article. I also encourage you to read other articles on this website about each individual topic for more detailed information.

How Do I Incorporate Effective Horsemanship With Reining
I incorporate effective horsemanship and body control reining techniques right from day-to-day handling on the ground, to foal handling, to round penning, to colt starting, to foundation work/basics, to tune up training, to sports like team penning, english events, working cow horse, etc.. and of course.... reining training.
I've actually combined effective horsemanship with reining to develop the best foundation training for all horses.

Starting With A Solid Foundation
Effective Horsemanship and Body Control Reining Techniques are the two key fundamentals in my training program. Combined, they build the best solid foundation or 'handle' that I could ever imagine. That's why I choose to combine these two.

Any and all horses tremendously benefit from it!
The horse is very well equipped or trained to handle any career including (but not limited to) the demanding sport of reining.

Effective Horsemanship is humans communicating with the horse and doing things that are as natural as possible for the horse to understand based on their instincts (not ours). It makes it easy for the horse to learn and understand what it is that I want to teach them. It also makes it easier to communicate to them that I want them to try, like their job and develop a good work ethic. All horses need to know this to have a successfull career as a riding horse or show horse.

And of course, Body Control Reining Techniques is the beginning training in reining. It teaches the horse to move any part of their body in response to a cue (or communication). My techniques are exercises used to teach a horse how to do all the reining manuevers at a basic level and understanding. I have 46 exercises in all.
And as far as I am concerned ALL horses could benefit from this even though they do not go on to have a career in reining. It's creates POWER STEERING and POWER BRAKES! And a well broke horse.

Incorporating It With Reining Specifically
After a horse has been through my foundation reining training program (effective horsemanship + body control reining techniques), the horse has had their initial reining training. Then it's just a matter of refining it and perfecting it in order to compete in reining. (Other horses would then move on further into their sport specific training.)
It's as simple and easy as that!

May you always ride a well trained horse!

If you have any questions about reining, training or effective horsemanship, please contact me.
Questions and comments are always welcome.
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