Friday, June 2, 2023

Decluttering Bits - The Rider's Side

 Let's talk  about decluttering bits. If you're like most riders, you have a proverbial bucket of unused bits.  I spent a month decluttering my house, garage, barn, horse trailer and now bits. I kid you not! I was binge watching these 3 ladies with their decluttering youtube channels and it brought my decluttering 'game' to a whole new level! 

Clutterbug from Toronto

Here is what my wall of bits looks like after a declutter.

Note the # of empty pegs.

In a previous article: "Bits Do Help If You Let Them" (Foundation Reining Training Centre: Bits Do Help If You Let Them ( I talk about some bit considerations for riders. When decluttering, the experts talk about just keeping your favorites.

Myler Lynn McKenzie 3-Ring Combo
With Tie-Down

This is a Myler 3-Ring Combo bit (highly recommended) in the Lynn McKenzie series - popular for barrel racers.  I have this bit for sale on Facebook Marketplace. A great place to sell decluttered items (if you've not heard of it yet :).

From my Bits Help You article:

"A lot of riders just use whatever bit their fellow riders of their sport use. It's easier that way. I would agree that it's a good place to start. I know I did. I got the reining bit for showing that reiners used back in the 80's and still use today.

 Nothing wrong with that, if it works. That's the key... if it works. But what if it doesn't - what then?  You can ask the local tack shop owner or someone else but the problem is that misinformation is taught to everyone including trainers. Usually without their knowledge. Whether its pride or ignorance that people don't want to know technically about bits, I can't say. I'm not going there but I have studied that too - to know the source of why riders are hesitant to 'go down the bit route'."

Once you're figured out your best bits to keep and you've done your decluttering - 'kicked the (bits) bucket!' and got rid of the ones you don't want, it's so easy now  to pick up that bit you want to use!

Putting my Spin on Decluttering and More on Bits!


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