Wednesday, July 5, 2023


in-ge-nu-i-ty:  def'n

  noun   the quality of being clever, original, and inventive.

              Ex. "considerable ingenuity can be used to solve problems like training horses and moving mats".

Ingenuity Using a Tractor

Ingenuity Allowed Me to Get The Job Done:

  I was selling some heavy stall mats on facebook marketplace and I wanted to take them outside and power wash them.  The problem was that I couldn't get them outside on my own. At 62, I tried to drag them outside but it wasn't going to be pretty. I've avoided doing this for years as they were just too heavy to move.

 So I figured out that if I wrapped my tow strap around the mat and twist the ends, I could pull the mat outside with my lawn tractor. Gosh, I've used that tractor for so many things like this.  My friend Eleanor uses clamps to attach to the mat and pull it around.

Ingenuity with Horses:

  Ingenuity can be used in the horse world for so many things like training.


Ingenious bit for training.

Once I had removed the mats from the barn floor, I noticed my Myler 3-ring combo bit that I've used for training, trail riding, colt starting, and ease.  Sometimes I just want to put a good bit in my horse's mouth and focus on other things.

Ingenuity will give you a competitive edge:

Have you got a bit that you know is ingenious and will cut your learning time substantially? What other things can you do will help? Why not?

I did a quick search on the internet and there are tons of articles where trainers have used ingenious ways to train horses. It's everywhere.

The great thing about learning and practicing this skill outside of the horse ring will also help inside the horse ring. Enjoy!

It sure has helped me! So I hope you're encouraged to do the same.

Have a great summer!

Putting my spin on in-ge-nu-i-ty.


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