Thursday, March 17, 2022

Time for Family and Regrouping


You know when you hear that saying: "Some times the event finds you and sometimes you find the event." Last year I was unable to be a NRHA judge's assistant. It would've been my 30th year. I was a little disappointed but I knew in my heart that it was obviously best to decline.  I will have to decline again this year for the same reason. It's interesting what life brings.

Time moves on and people and our loved ones get older.  My pet sitter was not able to farm sit for me last year due to his health. He now has someone to look after him full time which is good. Life happens. So I'm still looking for a pet sitter.

In the meantime, my beloved dog Logan turned 17 years old last month. That's the main reason why I couldn't work as a judge's assistant last year and now. As you can see from the picture, Logan is still here surprisingly and I cherish every day he's still around. He's a big part of my family. He needs a lot of looking after so I couldn't leave him. I think of him like an old man who can still basically function but has a lot of trouble getting around.

So when life changes our daily routines, we go for it. With an incursion going on in Ukraine and innocent people are getting killed, I think we need to hug our loved ones closer and regroup. We need to be thankful for our health.  Who knows what's going to happen this year especially in Canada.

Wintertime Manure Handling

On a positive note, I've been inventing new ideas for handling my horse's manure - believe it or not.  The snow was getting too high for me to walk outside and spread my horse's manure so I thought of a great idea.

I use a plastic toboggan as my manure cart. In this photo, you can see my mare tied to the cross ties and the manure toboggan tied to the back of her winter blanket.  

After the cart is full, I attach reins to my mare's halter and walk her outside to the yard. Using a mounting block, I hop on bareback and we ride out to the field. I have a rope that I use while still on my horse's back to tip the manure cart over to dump the manure once I get to the spot in the field that I want to dump. I kid you not. I then ride back to the barn and repeat the process.

My mare doesn't mind as she gets a bit of crunch on each return. I've really enjoyed it as it's given me many short rides and time with my horse. Again, keeping our loved ones close. By the way, my mare is 20 years old this year so I cherish every day I'm with her also.

 My your life be filled with close family as we deal with the difficult times.

Putting My Spin On Keeping Our Loved Ones Close


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