Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Why I Do What I Do Too


Why Do We Have a Life With Horses?

I receive a regular email from a new-to-me equine artist, Adeline Halvorson from Saskatoon. She paints mostly horses and farm life. Adeline Halvorson Fine Art website. Photo is of a recent painting from Adeline's website where she has many fine paintings for sale.

Waters Edge by Adeline Halvorson

She sent an email recently titled: "Why I do What I do" - explaining how as a little horse-crazed girl would sit at the end of her lane on Fair Day, hoping to catch a glimpse of a horse's head pop out the top of a truck box as it headed to the fair. 

Adeline described a childhood with horses where she had a typical obnoxious pony who would buck her off.  And how she went on to have some very pleasant experiences with a colt she had to share with her sisters and mother. She explains that she would dedicate most of her life to painting these beautiful animals. IMO, she does an amazing job.

I was a little sad to hear that she was not fortunate to have what she calls a 'heart horse' - that special horse we share a deep bond with. Humbly, I am fortunate that I have one of those special horses. I've had my retired reining mare now for 19 years this October. I can relate to what she's talking about. I figure that my special mare has 5-10 more years left and I'm not so sure that I will get another horse to replace her. She can't be replaced.

Reflecting by Adeline Halvorson

Adeline Paints Horses

"It occurred to me that painting horses is my way of creating that connection that I so wanted with a horse. The horses on my easel always look back at me with affection. Or at the very least with interest. And I will continue to do it. Perhaps because deep inside, I am still that little girl that just wanted a pony of her own!"

I, too share that desire to paint horses. For some of you, it's showing your horse, or having a horse as a pet. How many of you are reflecting on your experiences with horses as a child or that special horse in your life.

This hits my heart for me right now as I lost my old, beloved dog Logan that I talked about in my last article. We just gotta hug those special 4-legged family members more often.

Putting My Spin On Capturing Our Beloved Horses


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