Monday, January 24, 2022

Ole Smokie and Catch Up On Goals

 January Blahs.   I don't seem to have time for the blahs.  Don't you find that time really is speeding up.

I like the idea where people aren't making news years resolutions any more. Seems like it's passé.

One goal I gave myself after I sold my 2 yr. old reining filly last Sep. was to complete a fine art certification.  After 3 months, I can proudly say that I have completed it.

Do The Small Chores Around The Farm

  My old reining mare Jackie will be 20 years old in April.  I remember more than 15 years ago when I used to burn old papers in a burn barrel at the farm I had at the time. I remember someone cautioning me about not having a fire close to horses as it would scare them.   

Scare them!?!  I had to catch myself from laughing out loud. I was having to keep my horses away from getting too close to the fire. I was always introducing new things to them for training and entertainment.  I still do it today though I'm down to only 1 ole mare.

This winter I'm having to burn some weedy hay I have that the horse doesn't like. In the first photo you can see my mare just eating good hay while I improvised and am using my old round bale feeder as the burn barrel.

  Just to prove that my mare really doesn't care about the fire, I have another photo of my mare having walked past it.

  I think 2022 is going to be a crazy year with all the things happening in the world. I want to give a big shout out to all those truckers , at the time of writing this article, heading to Ottawa to save Canada. My dad was a trucker and my brother is one also.  I'm very proud of those truckers.

Putting A Spin On Things To Do In The Wintertime
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