Monday, October 25, 2021

Learning Skills Elsewhere


I wanted to give you an update about my 2yr old filly SusieQ that I featured in this column for 2 years now. We watched her progress together. I sold her a month ago and she is going on to be a reining horse. I'm looking forward to seeing her next year at the shows.

 I want to share with you that I felt so proud on how well she rode for me and the new owner the day she came and bought her. I will always remember that.

So what do I do now?  AT 60, I've decided not to start anymore horses under saddle - been there, done that 50 times. I can proudly say that throughout my horse training career I never got bucked off from starting a horse under saddle. It was clients being less than truthful (down right voiding their contracts) that sent me to the hospital a few times with broken ribs and other damaged parts. And why I got out of doing that. I have the on-going physical problems as constant reminders from those experiences. How many of you can also recall a similar story or know someone who does?

A Well Trained Horse

There is something to be said for a well trained horse. I still have my 19yr old retired reining mare Jackie. She's been with me 18 years and I plan on looking after her until she passes on. Most or all of you know that it's a labour of love for us horse people. It's in our DNA. 

Bush Wacking

I have used my mare to bushwack many times. I wonder what she thinks about when we do that. "Oh Mom is at it again!" lol.

 I bought this mini chainsaw I call it. Works great for cutting small branches in the bush. See if you can picture this - I've just side passed Jackie up against a tree where I then stand up in the saddle and use this mini chain saw to cut the low hanging branch. It's great fun!

  I had a chuckle at myself when I decided to tie a knot at the end of my reins. I hated to do that but I wouldn't loose them when I stood up to cut a branch. You can see in the picture the knot in the reins and a roll of orange trail marker ribbon with me to better mark the trails.

Learning New Skills

  This is what I like to do. I have to create new projects or I get bored. My mare's used to it! lol I hope you got some inspiration from this article on learning new skills with our horse!  Happy fall!

Putting My Spin on New Skills


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