Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Horse Loading Onto a Trailer Instantly

This is a really good example of how I like a horse to load onto a trailer. IMO.

No fuss. No refusals. Who's got time to wait and deal with a lot of nonsense. I had a student (many years ago) who said she typically counted on at least 1 half hour of loading time into her riding schedule. Wow. Boggles the mind.

I once had customers who came to ride my trails and obstacles at my old Durham farm, who provided a great learning experience for me. I had heard that some people put up with taking HOURS to load and unload their horse. I finally saw how it's done. 

This lady was trying to load her horse. We'll call her LadyA. I can't remember her name and it doesn't matter anyway. Another lady was the driver of the truck and trailer. We'll call her LadyB. I arrived on the scene to find LadyB already flustered as LadyA had already been trying to load her horse for well over a half hour. And LadyB knew they were going to be there a long time.

I was fascinated. I had heard of these things but I had not witnessed it myself. I also knew from past experience that people don't want to believe how easy it is to teach a horse to load quickly and keep it that way. So I don't offer to help as their frustration that leads to angry quickly gets directed my way.

It was a beautiful summer day so I had sat on an outside bench not far from the action.  I also wanted to be there in case there was trouble and LadyA needed help.  

LadyB decided to join me as she knew it was going to be a long wait. And it was! She also told me that she waited 2 hours for LadyA to load the horse onto the trailer in preparation for coming to my farm to ride.

I offered to get refreshments but LadyB declined. I'm not trying to ridicule this lady as it was no joking manner. The horse would not load and she was having no end of trouble. I feel sorry for these people. 

We sat there for over an hour. In the end, out of sheer nagging on the part of LadyA, the horse just finally gave up and loaded onto the trailer.

My horse in the video is being debridled and then loaded onto the trailer. Note: I didn't unsaddle first for the video.

Thanks to my friend Judy S. for doing the amateur videoing.

Putting My Spin on Trailer Loading
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