Wednesday, July 10, 2019

CLeo Doing Right Circle Maneuver

This video will show how I'm starting with work with a mare that I am selling.

I had trailered over to a reining farm not far from my new place in order to use the big outdoor reining pen. My friends Dave and Judy came with me to be the videographer. This first video shows me warming up the mare.

I want to set the scene. I rode this mare the day before at my new place, around the fields and trails. I hadn't ridden her since last fall.  I had done a lot of training on her last summer at my reining coaches place in Brantford. I'm working on getting her reining maneuvers solid. 

I had her for sale then but I decided to wait until she had foaled. The 
foal is now 2.5 months old and the mare can now be sold. 

These are my first set of circles since last fall. I'm doing to do more videos as the mare progresses. I will give you updates.

Putting My Spin on Progress
@KISS reiners

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