Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Horse Unloading Off a Trailer Instantly

Here is Spooks Gotta Startlight unloading from my trailer.

I like to have the horse stop at the trailer opening and wait for me to cue the horse to unload. This prevents horses developing a bad habit of rushing out.

I'm in the process of selling this mare and I wanted to show how my horses unload from my trailer. I've heard horror stories where people are pushed and run over when a horse goes to unload. Or the person is crushed up against the side of the trailer.

I had trailered over to a reining farm near Meaford, Ontario so I could ride this mare in a big reining outdoor pen.  As you can see, to save time, I had already had the mare saddled and ready to ride.

My friends Dave and Judy agreed to video me and the horse to make a sale video.

I hope you can see in the video that I am not cueing the horse to wait at the end of the trailer for my cue to unload. She has been taught to wait on her own. 

When we got home, she did unload on her own while I stood in the trailer. I immediately turned her around and loaded her into the trailer with me. She came willingly (and that's the way it should be).

She turned around and I waited to see if she would stand there with me at the end of the trailer. She unloaded again on her own. Nope. I just patiently asked her to load again while I stood in the back of the trailer.

I could see the 'lightbulb moment' in her eyes that time when she realized that she had to wait until I asked her to unload. 

I gave her a big pat on the neck for waiting and she knew to just stand there until I have her the cue to unload which is for me to step down first. She nicely followed suit and we walked into the barn to be unsaddled and hosed down.

She did good.

Putting My Spin on Trailer Unloading
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