Sunday, July 2, 2017

Ruth Hamlin, owner of Magnums Guns R Reddy with rider Dany Tremblay Co-Champion NRHA Open Derby Level 3

PA-PA-POW!   On Canada Day 150! Canadians Ruth Hamlin and Dany Tremblay Win Big!

Dany Tremblay and Ruth Hamlin pose for Win photo. Photo credit: Ruth Hamlin

Ruth Hamlin Exuberant Watching Dany and Magnums Guns R Reddy winning run at the NRHA Derby, Oklahoma City, OKC  (July 1st, 2017).

Ruth's comments: "Sabrina (Magnums Guns R Reddy) and Dany are a great pair . He has only had the mare for just over half a year. He and his brother Fred make up Tremblay Performance Horses now working out of Ardmore, Ok. Knowing we had a chance to take a title and watching the pair walk in was almost too much to bear. The run was amazing and the crowed was electric. Sabrina made the (NRHA Open) Level 4 finals at the NRBC and now made the (NRHA Open) Level 4 finals at the Derby and won the class. This is a HUGH deal. I just spoke with Dany on the phone. Only one three letter word describes it "WOW".
Thank you to everyone who cheered. We are humbled and honored to have this experience. We are Double RJ Quarter Horses and we are "....LIVING THE DREAM OF SHOWING AND BREEDING SOME OF THE FINEST QUARTER HORSES AROUND...."

According to the NRHA Reiner magazine: " (NRHA Professional) Dany Tremblay riding Magnums Guns R Reddy (Magnum Chic Dream x Guns R Reddy), owned by Ruth Hamlin and nominated by Mary Jansma. Scored a 223, and left OKC adding $19,564.76 to their earnings for the win.

“The owners brought her to me about 6-7 months ago, and we started schooling her,” said Tremblay.

“I thought she was going to do so well. We came here after the NRBC with big expectations, and there you go, champion L3 (NRHA open level 3). I really felt like she was ready to go. I just turned up the volume a little on her and she gave me everything she had.”

Virtual Horse Help's Amanda Interviews Dany Tremblay and Ruth Hamlin

Amanda Lester asked Dany, "How's your run tonight?". Dany happily responds: "I'm so proud of that mare. She let me show her everything she had and I'm really happy right now. Very, very happy."

Amanda felt that the run was very beautiful. She enjoys watching the mare as much as she enjoys watching the rest of them. "It seems like she gives her whole heart."

Dany: "She's got a lot of talent. She has such a heart. And it's not just in the show pen, she has a lot of try at home. Every day she has a great attitude, especially for a mare. There are 4 mares in the finals tonight and she's one of them. I made the finals with her also at the NRBC... I'm very, very proud of her. "
Watch Amanda from Virtual Horse Help interview Dany Tremblay. (

Congratulations again to Ruth Hamlin, Dany Tremblay and Magnums Guns R Reddy

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