Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Tribute To A Lady

I hope you will share my joy and may be able to relate to the loss when I tell you this story. I don't really like obituaries. They're kinda, well, morbid. This will be a tribute to a wonderful lady. Her name is Lady.

Ramblin Trash, March 19, 1995
I first set eyes on her when she was 10 days old. Little did I know then that 9 years later, I would own her.

There weren't many paint reining horses in Ontario back in those days. And I had hoped that I'd own one some day. She was a very, sweet loving, horse.

She was an own daughter of Trashadeous. NRHA hall of fame, NRHA lifetime earnings of over $131,000. Lady, herself, had an illustrious show career, earning her ROM in reining. Her lifetime NRHA earnings were over $4,000. She was a multiple bronze trophy winner.

Lady and Me showing
Lady's BIO
After showing her for a short time, I turned her into a lesson horse.

Lady and Judy in a lesson

A couple of weeks ago, Lady was not well. Today, May 25, 2017, I had to humanely have Lady put down. She had a long and happy life. I owned her for almost 14 years. I loved that horse! Always will.

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