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Advanced Lessons - Teaching You How to Raise the Bar

Advanced Horse Lessons for Advanced or Competitive Riders and Trainer's of Western Horses
Foundation Reining Training Centre does give lessons to advanced or competitive riders or trainers. 

Teaching you how to "raise the bar" on you and your horse's skills.

Quiet.  Professional.  Studious.  Like minded seriousness. 

Reining Lessons

Lessons for Advanced or Competitive Riders Features:
      Bitting Help in Quebec
      • Reinersue horsemanship training.
      • Leads. Collections.
      • Improve stops.
      • Improve steering.
      • Improve your show results.
      • Improve responsiveness. Great head set.
      • Reining training. All reining maneuvers.
      • Finish basic training
      • mechanical flag training.
      • Obstacle training.
      • temporary trailer storage.
      • Coaching
      • Lessons
      • Bit evaluations 
      • Clinics

Good reining mare can be used as a lesson horse for a small fee.
Information package available.

Policy for Services - The Fine Print

When you buy a package of time with me (such as lessons), I commit to having that time available to help you. That affects how many other clients I can take on.  For that reason, I don't offer refunds.

If you want to make sure that my style is right for you, I suggest booking a coaching session to start.  An inexpensive way to sample my work and see if we are a good fit.  This includes knowing what I do to train horses.


If you booked a lesson or block of lessons and need to cancel, there is no cancellation fee as long as you cancel at least 24hrs. ahead of time. Otherwise, the time was booked for you so its deducted from your group of lessons. 

No shows:

Your time and my time is valuable. If you're late for the lesson, then you loose that portion of time that you're late. If you don't show then you'll still be charged for that lesson.  Similarily, I promise to honour your lesson time and show up on time.

 Please contact me for more information.
Thanks for your time.

Post Training Lesson for Owner

Reining Lesson
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