Sunday, August 24, 2014

Horse Evaluations Available

Professional Horse Evaluation for Advanced Riders or Competitors or Trainers who want a better job fit for their western horse.

Susan, as a certified professional horse trainer with 22yrs. of training experience, will provide expert advice on the best job fit for your horse in the western disciplines. Or category of job fit in a particular western event.

"I've made it a passion to study western stock horses and while I train them, to find out where they would be the happiest. Reining is tough. Most horses don't make it. But they can all excel at some event at some level."

Cutting mare doing what's she's bred to do!
Is your horse suited to reining? Does your horse have an effortless flying lead changes and lopes like she's floating?

Ranch bred gelding who's bred to work cows!
Does your horse not want to sit still? Does your want spend a lot of their time running in the pasture? A barrel horse perhaps?

n.b.  Susan needs to see the horse and rider and bit to make a proper evaluation.

1• Assessment of Current Skills and Current Job Title
• The current event is reviewed - successes and failures. Difficulty with training? Bloodlines. Conformation. Temperament. Personality.
A real handy reining bred mare.

2• Problems or Issues or Improvements are Discussed
• Problems are discussed and demonstrated.
• Issues or improvements are discussed.

3• Goals
• What the rider is hoping to accomplish with a horse evaluation - a new horse or different equipment? A lot of the times, a different bit or training approach is all the is needed.

4•  Job Fit Recommendation based on skills, breeding, temperament
• Susan may recommend a new bit or a change in training strategies, all the way to getting a different horse or giving the horse a different job. ALL TO KEEP EVERYONE HAPPY.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. Please contact me to book your HORSE evaluation.

$50 (tax included) for the first 2 hr. per horse minimum. $50 per hour for every part hour after that.

Putting my spin on helping horse owners find the right job fit!
@KISS Reiners

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