Sunday, August 24, 2014

Training Available

Advanced Horse Training for Advanced or Competitive Riders and Trainer's of Western Horses
Foundation Reining Training Centre has a few training spots for those advanced or competitive riders or trainers who want some advanced western training done on their horse. 

Quiet.  Professional.  Studious.  Like minded seriousness.  No drama. No high maintenance people.

Winning the 2007 NRHA Reining LNP Reining Derby on a horse I trained

Training a Customer's Horse

Showing my Champion Reining Mare. Can be used for lessons.

2003 Reining Canada Top 10. I trained.

Training my reining mare to work cows.

Reining Champion that I trained.

Colt Starting available.

Spinning my reining mare.

Youth showing a horse that I started and trained.

Training a customer's horse.

Training another customer's horse.

Leslie showing in team penning a horse I trained.

Training a horse with natural talent. Round penning.

Trained and shown a young reining mare.

Round pen and horsemanship training on a young horse.

Tune up training on a older mare.

Bit training on a customer's horse.

Training available for Advanced or Competitive Riders Features:
    • Reinersue horsemanship training.
    • Leads. Collections.
    • Improve stops.
    • Improve steering.
    • Improve your show results.
    • Improve responsiveness.
    • Great head set.
    • Reining training. All reining maneuvers.
    • Finish basic training
    • mechanical flag training.
    • Obstacle training.
    • temporary trailer storage.
    • Coaching
    • Lessons
    • Bit evaluations 
    • Clinics

$800 per month per horse (HST included).
Information package available.

Please contact me for more information.
Thanks for your time.

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