Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Enforcer

Remember this movie?  I don't. But no matter.
I want to talk about The Enforcer. Who is the Enforcer?

I'm not talking about Dirty Harry. He's about guns. We are about horses. Do you remember this movie from 1951? It's before my time.

I have a little bit of a guessing game. See if you can tell who I'm talking about.

In the relationship with horses, we don't need someone to play "The Heavy".  As a rider and horse owner, we want nice, respectful, pleasant relationship with our horse. A bond. A natural relationship as in natural horsemanship. What's natural about a horse and human relating to one another? Is it natural? I prefer to call it an effective relationship or effective horsemanship.

Sometimes you have an issue with your horse that you can't fix it yourself so you send it to a trainer. Or the trainer could be you.

The trainer fixes the problem.
The trainer teaches your horse the new skills.
The trainer teaches your horse the new concept.
And the trainer returns the horse to you, the rider.

And you the rider... becomes The Enforcer. A kind one I hope.
It's important for you as the rider to re-enforce the new skills that the horse has learned.
To practise the new skills enough times so that the horse is quite good at it.
We wouldn't want the horse to fall back into an ole bad habit.

You, The Enforcer of your horse's new skills.

Putting my spin on training.
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