Thursday, January 10, 2013

Concentrated Training


Do you like the idea of training but miss your horse when they're gone too long?

I'm introducing a new training feature.

It's called Concentrated Training.
Like Clinton says: "You need long rides, wet saddle blankets and concentrated training."

Basically it's riding the horse 2 times per day instead of 1.
Usually once in the morning and once in the afternoon. It could be all at once depending on what the horse needs.

Monthly Training:
So for example, a horse could get 2 month's worth of training but only stay 1 month.
So the training money would be the same as 2 months, but the board is for a month.

So instead of $1500+HST for 2 months of regular training, ($800 training, $700 board) it would be:

$800 for training and $350 for a month's board (+HST) or $1150. 
$1150 instead of $1500. 

And you get your horse back in half the time!!

2 Weeks Training:
For 2 weeks or 1/2 month, a horse could get 1 month's worth of training but only stay 2 weeks!
So you would pay $575 instead of $750.00.

Weekly example:
  Just want a tune up? The horse could stay for a week but get 2 weeks worth of training. In the above example: training would be $200, board is $87.50. (All + HST).
For more information, please contact me and  I'd be happy to give you and information package. And a visit would be great!

Putting my spin on providing customers with better options!
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