Friday, January 13, 2012

Professional Horse Evalutions

Professional Horse Evaluation for advanced horses or riders
 (Premium package includes a bit evaluation):

Susan needs to see the horse and rider and bit to make a proper evaluation.

The rider may want to consider a bit evaluation. Information is here.

1• Assessment of the Horse's Skills  and General Information
• Susan acquires all the general information about the horse - age, training, temperament, conformation, breeding.
• Susan acquires all the general information about the rider - years of experience, formal training, and temperament.

2• Problems or Issues or Improvements are Discussed
• Problems are discussed and demonstrated.
• Issues or improvements desired are discussed.

3• Brief Look at the Current Bit
• The current bit is briefly reviewed including it's use and setup.

4• Goals
• What the rider is hoping to accomplish with this horse evaluation.

5• Recommendations
• Susan will recommend several changes that would lead the rider to their competitive or advancement goals.

6• Premium Package (Bit Evaluation)
• A bit evaluation is done along with the horse assessment.

• Follow up lessons are recommended.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.
Please contact me to book your horse evaluation.

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