Thursday, January 12, 2012

Computer Services

Computer Services available from a long time professional:

$60/hr.  (1hr. minimum). Free general advice over the phone.

Tuttoring. Do computer geeks frustrate you? You don't want fancy computer lingo - just some good information on how to do things.
Consulting. Not sure what computer or other computer items to buy? Is it necessary?
Computer setup. Don't know how yourself? Don't have a friend or relative who can help.
Website setup. Want to setup a small website to highlight your farm or business?
Computer advice: Want someone you can call and answer a question or 2 about computers....
Computer programming: I've developed computer software for years. Want help with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Blogger, Frontpage etc..

I have a unversity degree in computers and a computer professional for over 30 years! I'm here to help. Please contact me for advice, information or help!
Susan Dahl
B.Sc. Computer, Math from Acadia University
Certified Professional horse trainer, NCCP coaching theory
Myler Bitting System Certified.

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