Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Advanced Lessons - Competitive-Based

Advanced Lessons are available to you to improve your success with your horse!
Learn any of the advanced type of western riding skills with reining principles in mind.
  1. - Need help with showing? Want to learn strategies that helped me win 2 Reining Canada Top 10 Championships?
- Learn how to compete well in a western discipline.
- Learn advanced skills like reining maneuvers. Learn flying lead changes. Spins? etc..
- LEADS: Want to get your leads spot on each time?
- Work on Steering, stopping.
- TURNS: Get great turns like rollbacks?
Train the Trainer Program
- Learn how to fix your horses problems.
- Learn to train your own horse.
- Learn to start a horse under saddle.
Customers who have had their horses trained by me can learn what your horse has been newly trained to do.

$50/hr. (tax included).
Lesson Program Information

• Students will use their own horse in lessons.
• Lessons will have an overall emphasis of fun, respect and safety.
Lessons are progressive in nature building on previous skills learned towards the discussed goal.
All lessons are an exchange of cooperative dialog between coach and student.

It’s a team effort towards the student’s goal.
In other words... it's a customized program for you!
(Gone are the days when your instructor yelled at you during a lesson.. :)

• I ride my horse to demo what I am teaching.
• Since each student progresses at their own rate, lesson results will vary depending on the student’s learning curve and passion for learning.
• At the start of each lesson, previous material is reviewed and any issues are worked on. A lesson plan is followed but is flexible as per requirements.
• Lesson Format: warm up, progressive training and then a cool down.
Lesson time doesn’t include tack/untack unless that is the skill being learned.
• Student is expected to have their horse tacked up and warmed up and ready for the start of each lesson.

• All lessons are based on effective horsemanship methods and are reining based including body control and reining fundamentals (ie. western performance horse development).

• A lesson(s) on bitting and the Myler Bitting System philosophy is encouraged and expected.
•  Anything I train, teach or lecture on can be given in a lesson. This includes 'train the trainer'.

• Susan Dahl as coach shall teach and perform all services in accordance with generally accepted professional standards of NCCP coaching and effective horsemanship.

• Lesson material and possibly voluntary homework may be given for practise between lessons. All students are encouraged to practise their new skills.

• For general riding lessons, all students will be encouraged to learn/reinforce excellent ground manners on the horse such as respecting your space, standing while tied, grooming, leading and general handling.

• For colt-starting lessons, students will learn/reinforce colt starting, such as the horse accepting saddle, bridle, rider, lateral and vertical flexion, walk, jog, trot and lope, stop, backup and turns. See colt starting outline.

• For foundation or western performance horse development lessons, the student will learn body control reining fundamentals where you learn to move/control all the main body parts. To teach a horse balance, softness, lightness, cadence, flexibility, and strength.

• For reining lessons, the student will learn western performance horse development (body control reining fundamentals)  and all reining maneuvers. A reining horse is required for this.

• All advanced ridden work may include the introduction of ranch cow work based on a mechanical cow/flag.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me to book a lesson.

Putting my spin on education - 1 lesson at a time.
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