Monday, January 2, 2012


General Clinic Information
• Clinics are designed to be fun, sociable, as a great learning environment.
• Topics are custom designed to suit participants. I like to always include a session on the Myler Bitting System philosophy if I can.
• Anything I teach or train can be a clinic topic.

• Maximum number of riders depends on material covered.
• I like to bring my horse to demo if requested.
• I like to bring my bits and resale items for props and resale if agreed.

• I also like to bring my bit presentations and others in case someone wants to hear the presentation. Usually done at night 1-2hrs in length while socializing during a multi-day clinic.
• I like to bring my booth for a display if agreed. I use a computer, flip charts and other props if needed.
• Bit evaluations, etc. are done as scheduled or as time permits.
• Always available for questions afterwards!

Clinic Format – Very flexible and customized
• Upon arrival,  Meet and Greet with everyone!! Start off the fun.
• Get to know each rider, horse, problems, and goals of clinic.    
There can be alternating sessions (2-3hrs) of riding and theory time (hands on or via presentation) as best suits riders learning ability.
• I can, if requested, demo each topic, answer any questions, and have each student work on topic.
• I will work with every participant’s unique needs, goals and problems.
• Answer on-going questions about take-home work, etc… from participants via facebook, email, etc…

Please contact me for prices and to book a clinic.

Putting my spin on clinics and education!
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