Monday, January 2, 2012

'No buck' Colt Starting Available

'No Buck' Colt Starting service is available to owners of registered western performance horse stock.

  basic handlingrespect is taught for safety.
• Heavily based on groundwork to start with so it makes it easier for the horse to learn. (And so I don't get bucked off! :)
• Use my reinersue horsemanship program (based on my 10+ years experience with Clinton Anderson 'the Method' horsemanship) to make it as natural as possible for the horse to learn.
• Use reining principles or techniques (from my 20+ years experience as a reining trainer) which I call western performance horse development or body control to make a better trained horse.  Softness and lightness.
• Of course, all horses are bitted properly using the Myler Bitting System philosophy.

• All of my training starts with these skills taught:
 Basic handling, Respect, Safety, A Work Ethic, Softness and then Lightness
 Mounting block training
 round penning
 voice commands
 Flexing – lateral and vertical
 Leg yielding
 horsemanship longeing
 side driving
 started under saddle and bridle using an MB04 (low port) snaffle
 walk, jog, trot and lope
 Collection (vertical flexion while moving)
 Stop,
 backup,
 steering via neck reining,
 pattern work
 riding out in the open 

• Lesson Format: warm up, progressive training (ie. training scale), and then a cool down.
• I teach western with reining principles.
• I do not train rescues or problematic horses. I will remove bad habits.
• I do have a height restriction of 15H or under, It's a safety concern for me as I do all my training by myself.

I do have a training information package which explains this, basic care while in training, other features I provide. It's customized for you!

Here's an article on horse training timeframes.

$800 per month per horse (HST included.)

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. Please contact me to book your training. 

Putting my spin on colt starting and proper training!
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