Friday, January 13, 2012

Bit Evaluations & Bitting Services Available

Professional Bit Evaluation for Advanced Riders or Competitors or Trainers who want a better fitting bit for their horse.
(Premium package includes a bit fitting).

Susan, as a Myler Bitting System technician (a technical rep not a sales rep), will provide expert advice on the best, effective fitting bit for you and your horse based on the Myler bitting system philosophy. Note: The philosophy is used by many bit manufactures to suit lots of budgets.

A properly fitting Myler combo bit.

Bitting Help in Quebec

Answering bitting questions on horse night.

Adjusting new bit for horse at my Myler bitting clinic with Dale

n.b.  Susan needs to see the horse and rider and bit to make a proper evaluation.

1• Assessment of Current Bit (if there is one)
• The current bit is reviewed including it's use and setup.
• Any other bits used are reviewed.

2• Problems or Issues or Improvements are Discussed
• Problems are discussed and demonstrated.
• Issues or improvements are discussed.

3• Goals
• What the rider is hoping to accomplish with a bit evaluation and/or a new bit. A proper fit is based on personality and skills of horse and rider.

4• The Myler Bitting System Philosophy
• Susan explains the philosophy behind the myler bitting system and it's benefits. 
• Only bits developed using the myler bitting system philosophy will be recommended. Several bit manufacturers make these bits to suit all budgets so not just Myler.

5• Bit Recommendation 
• Susan may recommend a new bit or a change to the current bit and show several bits to describe the recommendation.

6• Premium Package
• A new bit is fitted to the horse.  Or the current bit is changed.
• Susan helps the rider adjust to the feel of the new bit and how to change the rein cues.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. Please contact me to book your bit evaluation.

For more information, please see other articles on this website.
The Myler book: The Level Best for Your Horse is great!

$50 (minimum. tax included) for the first 2 hr. per horse. $50 per hour for every part hour after that. Bits maybe purchased if you wish for an additional fee.

Putting my spin on helping horse owners find the right bit!
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