Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Myler Ride Team


I am thrilled and honoured to be choosen as the newest member of Toklat's Myler Ride Team.
According to Claire Kalbaugh, Creative Production Manager at Toklat Originals...

  " The Myler Ride Team is a group of athletes and educators from varied equestrian disciplines that use Myler Bits to excel in their area of specialty and are chosen to represent Myler Bits in competition and clinics worldwide. These individuals understand and promote the Myler philosophy of effective communication with horses through tongue relief and the graduated level system, which allows the horse to be more comfortable and relaxed."
I look forward to working with Judy Auble, Sales Manager & Claire from Toklat, Jeff Crothers, president of Cavalier Equestrian Inc, & Dale Myler, co-founder of Myler Bits.

I will be writing more articles about the Myler Bitting System here!  Please come back often!

Putting my spin on education - 1 bit seminar at a time!
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