Thursday, June 2, 2011

Apprentice - Mike Brush

Introducing one of my apprentices who is from the North Bay area: Mike Brush.
I'm proud to have Mike aboard my team. I've known Mike since I was a very little rider. He and my family are long time friends.

Mike just turned 70 last month and is still riding and shoeing horses. He's also a reiner. He'll be competing in the ORHA August show at Knowlton Ridge.

Mike & I at a clinic last year.
 Besides riding and shoeing, he is also a trainer and coach. As one of my dedicated students, we share a lot of information about natural horsemanship, body control, western dressage & reining. And of course, the Myler Bitting System@.

So if you are in the North Bay area, please extend a hello to Mike for me!
See you soon Mike!

Putting my spin on education - 1 apprentice at a time!
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  1. great... just keep it up.......And keep writing too...

  2. Thanks mycouponbasket! I shall.
    I appreciate your support.