Sunday, September 19, 2010

@ Nauseum

Most of the time we as riders are told not to drill. DON'T DRILL!
I'm a big believer of it myself.
Not to ride our horse while doing a particular task over and over and over again.
The horse gets tired and bored and will look for a way out of it - causing us riders more problems.
We have to practise a skill but we have to be careful not to practise it too much!

It's a fine line...

Here's an idea... I think drilling can be useful in special cases.... think about it.
When would it be useful?

Never? Really?

What about a horse who has issues.
What about a horse that is a runaway and you're trying to find a way to slow them down.

I have found that if I walk this run away horse into a small circle over and over and over again until they slow down - which could take a VERY long time, I do eventually get them to slow down.

I warn you. It takes a very long time and lots of repetitions. I call it '@ Nauseum'.

Putting my spin on dealing with training issues.
@Copyright KISS Reiners

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