Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hard and Fast Rules

I'm often asked when it comes to learning to ride or train, what I would call 'hard and fast rules'.
Riders seem to want to be told 'the steps' on how to do something. So that once they learn 'the way' to do it, then it will apply to all situations and horses - like a 'one size fits all'.

And that's exactly the problem... One size doesn't fit all. There are some general steps and ways to do things but every situation is unique. Not all horses will react the same way to a cue.

Not very helpful is it, if you're learning to ride or train. Seems difficult to imagine that anyone could get a handle on it or be successful if there isn't a standard set of successful steps or rules to follow.

I think the simplest way to look at it is to be flexible and adaptive. It's good to have the general steps in mind and know generally how to cue a horse but to be ready to customize it for their horse.
I believe that once someone understands to be aware and to pick up on their horse's communication, the rider can adjust their cueing to handle the new situation.

Putting my spin on training issues.
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