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Train The Trainer Teachings - Option 3

I can't wait to talk about this one! I was going to write about this option tomorrow but I was too excited to wait! :) I really think this is a great option for most people. It suits all kinds of needs and budgets.
And it's one of my specialities.

Option 3
'I want to fix my horses problems myself but need help.'
'I want to learn to train my own horses rather than sending them out."
'Two heads are better than one.' 'I just need another pair of eyes.'
'If only I had someone to bounce ideas off of.'
'I just need someone to give me a hand when I'm stuck.'

You're fixing problems on your horse before it gets out of hand; or trying to. The horse will, from time to time, just not respond well enough. You know your horse needs a tune up. You've tried doing it yourself but it's frustrating (Option #2). You could use some help from a familiar respected face.

Or you're training your horse yourself. You've reached a plateau. Sending the horse to a trainer is not an option - yet. (Option #1). You are determined to do it yourself but you could use a trusted mentor or trainer for help.

Or, better yet, you want to learn to train your own horse and don't know where to start. You like one-on-one learning and want to find someone that you get along well with.

I'm here to help.

There's plenty of information on the Internet. There's plenty of information everywhere. It's the information age. I couldn't tell you right now the number of training DVDs I have. Or the number of training websites like Larry Trocha, Bob Avila, Stacey Westfall & Clinton Anderson that I check for training information. (See side bar for links.)

Or the number of books I have on training. On my coffee table is Bob Avila's book, Win With Bob Avila by Juli Thorson, he says: "There's an old saying ... You're only as good as your help." (chp. 4. pg. 49). He also adds: "In my opinion, most people also will benefit from some sort of professional trainer." (chp. 4 pg. 49).

Bob elaborates in the chapter on professional trainers.
"I honestly don't believe you can achieve maximum success in the horse game without the aid of a pro. Even if you're talented enough to train your own horse, prepare him, and get him shown well without help, you still need someone on your team who has a professional's perspective." (chp. 4 pg. 53).

Train The Trainer Teachings
At times we can all benefit from a 2nd perspective. I would love to be able to have a mentor close by all the time. My coach went back to Quebec a couple of years ago so I rely on clinics, DVDs, books and the internet until I can find another trainer to mentor.

I would be pleased to help in whatever why I can with regards to your horse's problems.

I call it 'train the trainer' teachings as I am training you to learn to train or fix your own horse. Whether it's to fix problems, train your own horse from start up, or some helpful advice. Whether you need a little bit of help or you need a lot, I believe it really helps to have someone you trust, respect and get along with. it makes it more enjoyable and fun.

It just helps to have a 'live body' to relate to rather than non-personal venues like the internet etc....

Finally, the benefit from the DIY - do it yourself option (#2) and this option is that you are becoming a trainer which can be applied to all your horses.

Still more options to come as we continue on this series of articles on tuning up your horse.
The next article will be from a different perspective.

Need someone to chat with about horse problems or training? Please contact me. Free advice on what to do given willingly.
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