Sunday, June 28, 2009

Like Mocha With Your Coffee?

Introducing Mocha. My new subject.

I'd like to introduce to this website the 2 yr. old filly that I have for sale. I bought Mocha at a sale 2 weeks ago and I plan to train her and resell her. Her info is here.

If readers have been following my website, they know that I was putting some tune up training on a horse named Trigger last winter. I'd like to continue along that similar idea and write about Mocha as she progresses through her basic or foundation training or until she is sold.

Basic Training by Another Name is Foundation Training

All basic, foundation, & tune up training starts with the same body control exercises to put the solid beginning training on a horse. So the horse is light, responsive, and respectful. You as the rider are able to move or cue any of the horse's body parts around as you need to. Move around trees and obstacles, move beside your mailbox to get mail :0, open a gate from horseback, check cows, perform exquisite maneuvers for the sheer joy of it..... any wonderful things to do on horseback!

Trigger was getting a tune up or refresher of the basic training where as Mocha will get the basic or foundation training right from the start. This is the best time to put the foundation training on a horse. It gives the horse a great start in their riding career. If problems arise later, you can always go back to the basics.

You can always later on go back and put the foundation training on the horse, it just takes more time. The horse has to unlearn the wrong skills and learn the new skills.

Mocha's Background
Mocha was just started under saddle when I got her. I was told that she had about 20 rides. I know of the lady who I bought Mocha from and believe that they are gentle people when they start horses. (But as
everyone knows, you have to be careful when you buy horses at auctions).

Please follow along with me as I take you through Mocha's journey of the foundation training after the initial start.

Hope you enjoy it!

If you have questions on training, please contact me.
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