Sunday, June 21, 2009


I was introducing Mocha to the cross ties the other day as I wasn't sure if she had been on cross ties before. (I had just bought Mocha at a sale the weekend before.) I wanted to make it is a really pleasant experience as I've heard horror stories about horses freaking out on cross ties.

Training is all about making a pleasant, positive experience.

So.... further to that..... Everytime I asked her for something and she responded really well.... I gave her a handful of alfalfa pellets (or a treat... in other words). I normally don't just hand out a treat for ANY time they respond well. That's what I would call mistreatment.

It's for a special effort on the horses's part (especially when's it's new). Or the horse will come to expect it for any effort on their part.
I want to build 'try' in the horse.
Happy Summer!
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