Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mocha - Flexing & Partial Mount up

After the
'Getting Acquainted'
or Round Penning

Mocha's first session was round penning where I spent a fair bit of time accessing her temperament and willingness to learn (or trainability). I wanted to see if she has been round penned before. She was very responsive and willing.
I'm accessing her to see what kind of horse she is and what type of person would suit her. And what events she might excel in.

Next Session Comes Flexing
As you can see from the 1st photo, I was flexing Mocha from the ground. She has not had that done before but she was a quick study. (For info on the different types of flexing see article here.)
And then Comes Partial Mount Up
Once Mocha is familiar with flexing from the ground from both sides, and will flex & stand still on the ground, I then proceeded to do the Partial Mount Up exercise. (See 2nd photo for a more detailed look at it. Note: I straightened her head for the photo but normally it will be bent towards me.)
I was amazed on how quickly and willing Mocha was to stand still while I partially mounted. She really is sweet. Since she had been ridden before, there was no reaction when I put my foot into the stirrup and lifted myself up and balanced myself on the stirrup. (For partial mount up info, see here.)
Right Side Mount Up
I was also pleased that she stood quite well when I partially mounted from the right side. A lot of horses are not taught to mount/dismount on the right side. I don't know Mocha's background on this but she was quite happy to do so.
Completing the Mount Up
Since everything was going so well.... I completed the mount up. She just stood there so I gave her lots of praise. It was a great session!
I did a bit of flexing on both sides.... dismounted.... and called it a day!
I really enjoyed that! What a sweet horse.
Stay tuned next article when I talk about more flexing from the saddle and upward and downward transitions.
Questions and comments are always welcome.
Enjoy the summer! I know I will be! :)
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