Thursday, May 14, 2009

Easy Stop - Special Training Equipment

Stopping Made Easy
In keeping with the series of articles on speciality training equipment, Larry Trocha has a good explanation and use of the Easy Stop. That is where I first heard of it myself. (Photo on right courtesy Larry Trocha).
Here is Larry's description on the Easy Stop:

"Using this “Easy Stop” is a great way to teach your horse to really stop, without getting into his mouth.
If you are training reining, cutting or working cow horses, the Easy Stop can greatly improve your horse's performance.
When used correctly, this piece of training equipment will produce good results in a very short period of time.
Many horses will improve significantly within just a few rides."

My Experience With The Easy Stop
Now that I was convinced that some 'gimmicks' can actually be used well as training tools and not just a crutch.... I decided to try the Easy Stop on my reining mare to improve her stopping.
I have very light, small hands.... the size of a small teenager.... so the Easy Stop was great for me to teach my mare to really stop without having to really pull on her face. Or change to a more severe bit.
I wanted to communicate with her the idea of stopping better without causing any problems in her mouth or training session.
In other words, I wanted to make communication easier.
And it worked! I really liked the results. :)
I would recommend this for anyone who has an event that requires a good, quick stop.

Next article I will talk about the sidepull and it's uses.

And I'm hoping to have internet connection at home soon! Thanks everyone for being patient.

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  1. Just saw an episode of Tommy Garland where he uses the easy stop to work on flexion and collection. He stressed that it must be used with very light hands and the horse must be understand if giving to pressure well. He mainly uses it as something with a little different feel when working a horse in the hackamore stages.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Tommy last year and have high regards for him and his abilities. We specifically talked about checking up horses in the round pen as I feel he has spent a lot of time refining his methods regarding this.

  2. thanks for sharing Al! That's a great idea about using it while working during the hackamore stages. Makes sense!
    Definitely light hands are required! That's why I like it. :)