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Side Pull - a Halter or Bridle

So Many Uses
The sidepull has been around for many years. (Photo on left courtesy of Buckaroo Leather & Photo on right courtesy
It looks more like a bitless bridle but has been used as a halter in many cases. A great versatility tool. (Gotta like em! :)
Buckaroo Leather
has a great description of sidepull and their use.
As a trainer I like to use it as a pre-bit or pre-bridle headstall. I like to introduce the horse to the idea of flexing laterally and feeling reins pulling the side of their face without the feel of a bit. (That comes next.)

I also like to use it first when I'm retraining a horse that has not been ridden for a long, long time. Reintroduces the 'bridle feel' nicely and the movement of the reins as well. As soon as the horse starts to get too dull or will respond very badly to the reins... then it's time for a bit. (Want to keep my hands light...... :)
There are so many uses that I can't think of them all right now. I will have to update this web page from time to time as I think of other uses.
Anyone out there have some nifty uses for the sidepull?

I've seen it used on a team penning
horse that would not carry a bit in any circumstances. That's another point... When a horse can't carry a bit for whatever reason... this is a good option. I also like the bitless S bit. I will talk about that sometime shortly.
The sidepull is great for situations where you don't need to use a bit/bridle. So for competition horses, the horse must be further trained to carry a bit/bridle.

I believe it's a must in all rider's tack box!

Questions and comments are always welcome.

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  1. Sidepull is a great groundwork tool. Has some "bite" to it like a rope halter but has many more options for attachment of the lead.

    Also can be used with check lines to start a horse flexing.

    There are different types and styles of sidepulls. Rope, double rope, leather, etc. I prefer a double rope but there are options to match the equipment to your uses.

    Also check out the training halter/bridle by Tommy Garland. He shows how it can be used as a sidepull but also has the bit attached. It is an excellent tool for introducing a colt to the snaffle bit their first few rides. Then it can be used as a snaffle rig with built in cavesson. Then just disconnect the bit and you have a great groundwork halter. If you trail ride you pretty much gotta get one.