Thursday, March 12, 2009

Train The Trainer Teachings

How to Become a Trainer or Train The Trainer Teachings
Lessons teach students how to start their own horse under saddle, how to put a foundation on their horse and how to train their own horse (using effective horsemanship and reining techniques).

They also learn how to fix their own horse.

I do have lesson horses that I use. They are retired champion reining mares. I use them to teach people what it's supposed to feel like when you have accomplished the goal. 

For colt starting and foundation work, I usually work with the student's horse. I do travel a lot to student's location for lessons. It's a more comfortable environment for the student when they are at home.

I do have young stock here too that I can work on with a student if they don't have a horse. Usually my students have horses that need work on too.

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Putting my spin on Traing the Trainer lessons.
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