Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Tune Up by Riding in the Open Air

Spring is here!
Time to get out and ride in the open! Unpark your horse. Stretch those muscles and get in shape!

Check those fences.
Check the cows.
Go deer watching.... Check for turkeys.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Wasn't it a great weekend this past weekend?

Dust off your working saddle and go for a ride.... down the road or in the woods...

Do a system's check (can't help it... it's from my computer career) on your horse and see where they are at...

Great time to set some goals for this year.

I rode my 2 good mares this weekend to see how they faired over the winter. (After a busy show season, I give them the winter off.) Both are eager to work. Both love to work cows.
I rode around the fields, checking for fallen trees and fence lines. We had a big wind storm up here between xmas and new year's and we have many fallen trees. My neighbour Brad and I will go back on the 4-wheeler's or by horseback and fix fence.

Road Smart
I've also started to stretch their muscles as I want to condition my horses to do a lot of road riding this year. I have a few students who are close to me and I want to be able to ride down to their place and go riding in the open. It's great for my horses to get in condition that way. I've always liked to do it.

It's gets the horses 'road smart'. (Of course, I wear a helmet for safety on my young or new horses.)

What are your plans?

Riding in the open is a great opportunity to work on your foundation work.

As a famous man once said....'May you always ride a great horse.'

Questions and comments are always welcome.
If you need suggestions on what to work on while trail riding, please contact me.
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